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About our school

Hoxton Park Public School has serviced the educational needs of a largely rural community for more than 125 years, but is now a fast growing primary school situated in the rapidly expanding suburban developments of west Liverpool. The school has been at its current site for 10 years and possesses state-of-the-art facilities. Hoxton Park Public School is a dynamic learning community which focuses on collaboration, underpinned by outstanding literacy practise fused with authentic learning. 

The values emphasized by our school are:

  • respect
  • responsibility
  • care
  • participation.

Download the school Information Booklet 2020 for more information concerning our school.

School purpose

Our school's purpose was constructed with input from all staff through group discussion and dialogue. Where we had come to the conclusion that Hoxton Park Public School should strive to provide a quality environment, quality learning and quality teaching within the context of staff, community and student groups that are valued by all. Which we believe will lead to students having a better understanding of themselves, others and the world in which they live.

Honour roll

Hoxton Park Public School has a rich and diverse history. In our school hall hangs a beautiful honour roll board that is nearly 100 years old. It lists the names of many historic ex-pupils of our school.

We would like to thank John Horne for the creation of a wonderful booklet that recognises many of these ex-pupils and their contributions to our great nation.  

Download the Hoxton Park Public School honour roll (PDF 3572KB) booklet for more information about the roll and those on it.

School history

A school opened on the site of Hoxton Park Road in 1882 but due to falling enrolments closed the following year. A new public school called Hoxton Park Public School took its place and opened its doors in the year 1889, with only 18 students and 1 teacher named Mr Albert Reay. By 1901 the school had grown its number of students to 72.

Until the latter half of the 20th century, the Hoxton Park district changed little and remained a broadly rural based economy. Enrolments increased quickly after the end of world war II (WW2) and the original school and grounds were no longer adequate. Four weatherboard classrooms were built in 1957, an additional one built in 1961 and a further one in 1965. In 1969 a brick classroom was opened, which at that point in time the students enrolled had reached 181.

During the 1980s the school population dropped to 115 students and 5 teaching staff members. But with the new housing developments, a dramatic increase in students and staff would be seen in the school's future.

In 1982, the school celebrated its centenary. Public figures from the Department of Education, Liverpool City Council as well as former students and teachers attended. The old school bell (now relocated on the new school site) sounded one hundred times. Festive activities included students dressing in period costume, bush bands, square dancing, mural painting and cooking of damper on open fires were on display. 

As enrolment steadily grew, additional demountable classrooms arrived. A new demountable administration block was also a welcome addition to the school. Providing teachers and staff a space for themselves during class breaks and whenever they were off duty.

In the early 1990s, the school community rallied with students and teachers and got their hands dirty to green the school. Major landscaping was undertaken and several model outdoor learning areas were established. Hundreds of native trees and shrubs were planted. Our hard work was paid off with the Department of Education rewarding our efforts by recognising the school as a centre of excellence in environmental education. Sadly, most of our now mature trees will have to be ripped up to make way for yet another housing estate. Their historical significance however will endure with the newly planted saplings on the new school site, continuing to symbolise Hoxton Park Primary School's strong commitment to personal growth and achievement—for yet another hundred years.