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Principal's message

Welcome to the Hoxton Park Public School community. We are proud of our school, its students, parents, staff and of the wide range of education opportunities that are provided here.

As a parent, I know exactly what I want my children's school to provide them. Firstly a safe, caring and nurturing environment where they can take risks and make mistakes to allow them to grow into successful global citizens. Secondly, they must be challenged to develop the skills that employers are demanding from their employees. This is future focussed learning.

Our school has been identified as a future focussed school, utilising agile spaces and futures pedagogy. All classrooms whether they are single or double spaces are led by teachers who are continually honing their teacher practice. We access experts in their field to train our teachers.

As an educator, I know how children learn. I also know that the greatest determining factor for success is the teacher who is in front of their students each day. Their knowledge of teaching and learning, and how they apply and deliver their craft of teaching based upon evidence; their meticulous planning; setting individual student targets; and their ability to differentiate their lessons depending upon student ability and development, is imperitive to achieving success. 

At Hoxton Park Public School we work in stage teams. The leadership develops and inspires teams of teachers to deliver the very best education to our students. We are on a continuing learning journey, both together and individually as professionals. We know not just the importance of continuous learning for teachers but of the understanding that teaching is not just a job.

The teachers here at Hoxton Park Public School are amongst the very best that I have worked with. They are high achievers themselves and constantly work to find ways of achieving progress with their students. Our teachers use evidence from research to base their teaching upon and at a leadership level, all decisions are evidence based. Why? It is the fastest way to success. Others have spent much time researching. We read the research and make sound educational decisions based on the latest research from around the world.

Teachers identify strengths and areas of development for students. Coupled with a tremendous specialist staff and an outstanding learning support team, targeted students are quickly identified and intervention is planned.

Our office staff are the face of our school and are caring and friendly. They are also the engine room of our school and Hoxton Park Public School parents know and appreciate the skills they bring to their daily work.

The leadership team who drive the vision in the school, are exemplary. They oversee their stage teams and inspire and motivate change.

Our school environment is beautiful and the school itself is very well equiped. We have had interactive whiteboards in all classrooms for many years, so our teachers are expert users of this technology. All students have access to comuters, laptops, tablets, and iPads with different technology being targeted at different stage/year groups. An expert teacher leads the robotics program in our school.

I am always scouting for the very best teachers to work at Hoxton Park Public School. We currently have a specialist dance teacher who is a choreographer for the schools spectacular, and we have developed a regional dance team which is based at our school.

I invite you to visit our school and talk to the leadership about what public education at Hoxton Park Public School looks like and what we can offer your child. I promise you will walk away, impressed.

Kylie Donovan
Master of Education - WSU
Bachelor of Education - UOW
Diploma of Teaching - UOW